Jarod Hynson, President

Jarod started Earth, Turf, & Wood in the spring of 2000. Getting his start with a lawn care company in his teens, his experience spans 25 years’ in the green industry. His underlying passion is to create well-thought-out outdoor living environments that help create memories for families and friends. Jarod was raised in Central New Jersey, pursued Human Resource Management at Messiah College, and resides in Mohnton, PA. He enjoys spending time with his wife Kristy and their two young daughters and son. He currently serves on the local advisory board for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In his spare time he enjoys just being outdoors, whether vacationing in the Adirondacks, or playing with his kids.

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How Much Does Residential Landscape Design Cost in Lancaster, PA?

If you’re looking in your backyard and dreaming about its potential, it may be hard to imagine how it can go from blank canvas to completed look. But that’s the science and the art of good design. A talented landscape designer or Registered Landscape Architect will create the plan that is essentially the blueprint of a total transformation.

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A Review of the Best Landscaping Contractors in Lancaster, PA

Whether it’s a small planting project or a complete transformation of your backyard, finding the best landscape contractor for the job is of critical importance. You not only want someone you can trust, but someone that has the expertise and skill to tackle your project from start to finish.

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3 Reasons Why Other Landscape Companies Cost Less....And why it will ultimately cost YOU more.

Landscaping-13.jpg#1. Substandard construction practices = Failed projects

Many landscape firms cut corners to lower their price. They get the job. Then 3 years later, your project starts to fall apart. We have dozens of photos and stories of projects that we have had to repair or redo properly because a landscape firm did substandard work or didn’t know proper construction techniques.

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Ten Ways to Save Yourself Time, Money and Aggravation!

Last year we celebrated our 15th year in business. Over that time we’ve grown to become the premier hardscape design/build firm in the region. Reflecting on our experience, we thought it might be helpful to share some industry secrets that, if implemented, can save you a lot of aggravation and money!

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Notes from Jarod: "The 5/10 Rule"

One of the things I've instilled in my staff here at ETW that means a lot to all of us is what I call "The 5/10 Rule." It's a simple yet powerful rule.

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What is Overdig Stabilization And Why Should You Care?

We’ve been in the landscaping business now for 16 years and have built millions of dollars in hardscapes. One thing we are adamant about is making sure each and every project is built correctly to ensure it lasts a long time. Sometimes this means addressing issues that other landscape contractors just ignore.

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Backyard Pergola and Patio Area in Lancaster, PA

Project Cost Level $$$$

Project overview:

Patio, pergola, stepping stone walkway, landscape planting and landscape lighting.

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