Large Tree Planting: Costs, Considerations, and What's Right for Your Lancaster or Reading, PA Home

Trees provide beauty, shade, and tremendous value to an overall landscape.

But waiting for small trees to grow can take many years. That’s why we get a lot of inquiries about large tree planting services from clients who are looking for a more mature landscape right away. They want a landscape that provides benefits such as shade and beauty—but without any delay.

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A Recipe for Trustworthy and Hassle-Free Landscaping in Lancaster, PA

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably experienced what it’s like to have workers come to your home that you’re not exactly comfortable around. You hire a contractor to complete a job and suddenly you feel as though you have to cover your children’s ears because of bad language or you can’t even step out for a quick errand because you don’t trust them alone on your property.

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Creating a Secluded Backyard Oasis with Privacy Trees & Shrubs

When it comes to creating privacy screening for our clients, we’ve had almost every request in the book. From screening out an objectionable view (such as a neighbor’s unmaintained backyard), to buffering some noise from a nearby highway, to even preventing the neighbor’s boys from watching the girls swim in the pool.

We’ve worked with all of these scenarios and then some. We know there are a lot of reasons why you want to create privacy in your backyard—and you deserve it. You’ve invested in an outdoor living space and now you want to enjoy it without prying eyes or unsightly views.

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Landscape Design in Reading, PA Wins NALP Award of Excellence

Every project we do at Earth, Turf, & Wood is exciting for us since it means we get to help bring our clients backyard dreams to life. But some projects certainly stand out.

This project, completed just outside of Reading, PA is one such endeavor. In addition to providing beauty and functional use to this client's backyard, this project received two significant recognitions on the national stage.

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How Much Does Residential Landscape Design Cost in Lancaster, PA?

If you’re looking in your backyard and dreaming about its potential, it may be hard to imagine how it can go from blank canvas to completed look. But that’s the science and the art of good design. A talented landscape designer or Registered Landscape Architect will create the plan that is essentially the blueprint of a total transformation.

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