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How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool? Expert Insights to Meet the Timeline

Posted On: November 02,2017 By: Mary Dresser, RLA ALSA

How long does it take to build a pool in Reading, Hershey, or Lancaster, PA?You’ve been thinking about a pool for a long time and have finally made the decision to have it built. It will be a great way to encourage the kids to spend more time at home this summer, to entertain family or friends, or even just to cool off after a long day. And it will be so much more enjoyable dining al fresco now that you can dine pool-side.

As you begin the process of thinking about it, you want to know how long does it take to build a pool. You may have decided that you simply don’t want to go another summer without a pool. That’s why you want to know when you should start the planning process in order for it to be ready-to-go come swim season.


A Realistic Pool Construction Timeline

The truth is that a really great pool takes time—on average 7 to 9 months from design to completion, though sometimes longer. A pool and its surrounding poolscape (the pool patio, surrounding landscaping, adjoining pavilion, and maybe even an outdoor kitchen) need to be designed and built properly and that process can’t be done hastily. Of course, the exact pool construction time can vary based upon the complexity of the project, as well as other factors.

Let’s take a look at some of the big contributing factors to the pool construction timeline:

  • How long does it take to build a pool in Reading, Hershey, or Lancaster, PA?Site Terrain:  Some pool projects require extensive site grading while others have a terrain that is more “ready to build” on. Every site is different and those differences will have a major effect on the pool construction timeline.
  • Weather:  A variety of weather factors can come into play during construction. A lot of rain (and several next days while drying) or a unseasonably additional snow can have the power to delay your pool construction timeline.
  • Pool Builder’s Timeline:  Using a landscape design and build firm that has a Registered Landscape Architect (RLA) on staff can be to your benefit in many ways. With an RLA overseeing your project, it will help ensure that the work is completed the right way from design all the way through to completion. But it’s also beneficial to work with a unified company that can ensure the schedule sticks to the timeline as opposed to working with a pool company that isn’t good about overseeing various subcontractors’ schedules or keeping things on schedule.
  • Your Availability:  You have a stake in the timeline as well. Though it may not seem like a big deal at the time, rescheduling design meetings, putting off decisions, or changing your mind about details can definitely set the entire project back. Even one small setback can have a snowball effect and push the entire timeline further out. We set a realistic timeline at the beginning of the process, but it hinges upon everyone doing their parts. Those initial design consultations, which we think of as “getting your ducks in a row,” really have a big impact on charting the course of the project and in order to keep the project moving forward on time, it’s important to make decisions and stick to them, or at least leave enough time to plan for these kind of changes.


When is the Best Time to Build a Pool

If you ask us when you should start planning, we will respond with another important question: When do you want to start swimming? Then we’ll work backward from there. If you want to be swimming by the summer, then you must start planning in the fall. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to start talking even earlier than that.

How long does it take to build a pool in Reading, Hershey, or Lancaster, PA?The planning process itself can take time—and it rightfully should if you want things completed the right way. If you start early, you have the ability to carefully weigh your options and make smart choices that are in your best interest, as opposed to being rushed. You might have a very specific goal in mind. For instance, if a client knows they need a pool ready by June for a graduation party, we might start talking about it an entire year ahead of time so that everything is just right.

There are some important aspects of the pool building process that can be taken care of regardless of the weather. Factors like designing, permitting, planning, and choosing materials can be taken care of right away. Those aspects also happen to be the least expensive part of the project and can sit on a shelf if you need them to.

If you are serious about a pool, you could get the ball rolling right away on those initial design factors. Then when it’s pool construction time, there will be nothing holding it back. It can begin as soon as your pool builder’s schedule, and the ground (not being frozen that is), allows for it. In other words, don’t use up valuable time when the pool building process could be happening to deal with permits or design changes if you want to keep things moving forward.

Choosing Earth, Turf, & Wood for Your Dream Pool

How long does it take to build a pool in Reading, Hershey, or Lancaster, PA?At Earth, Turf, & Wood, we have overseen the design and build of many beautiful pools in Lancaster, York, Reading, and Hershey, PA, as well as its surrounding areas. Because we have an in-house RLA, we are able to closely guide you through the design process and also ensure the construction happens according to that plan.

With the guidance of an RLA, we often think of details that pool companies don’t include. There are a lot of important decisions and factors that go into a pool design and you want to make sure they’re completed the right way. That means starting the process early and being realistic about the pool construction timeline.

Your decisions absolutely have an impact on that timeline. Choosing a landscape professional to handle the design and oversee your pool construction will also help ensure that the process is done right—and that’s a big deal when it comes to keeping things on time. With the proper planning, you’ll finally be able to make your dreams a reality and enjoy swimming with your friends and family in the pool you’ve always wanted.

If you’d like to start planning your pool area at your Lancaster, York, Reading, or Hershey, PA home, contact us for a free consultation or give us a call at (717) 276-9447 so that we can answer your questions.

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Mary Dresser, RLA ALSA

Written by Mary Dresser, RLA ALSA

Mary Hatch Dresser is a Registered Landscape Architect with a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia School of Environmental Design. Mary has designed landscapes for 32 years and joined ETW exclusively in 2009. Mary is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA); and also serves on the Shade Tree Committee in Strasburg Borough where she resides. Mary prides herself in carefully listening to her clients to professionally meld their ideas and personal criteria with sound, experienced design practice.

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