Hardscape & Landscape Maintenance Services

Now that you have your dream backyard, who will care for it? The whole point of having an outdoor living area designed and constructed by Earth, Turf, & Wood in the first place was about relaxing and entertaining, not spending time each week maintaining it.

Your life is busy. There’s work, family, friends and vacations. At some point, even the best low-maintenance landscape design creation is going to need some level of landscape maintenance.

Keeping on top of tasks will make sure your property looks its best and your investment is protected. Choosing a hardscape and maintenance company that understands the unique elements of your property is also a challenge.

Some landscaping companies may be able to perform only a portion of the needed tasks and you may have to divide and coordinate the projects up among multiple contractors. Wouldn't it be great if your could trust all of these tasks to one company who understands every aspect of your outdoor living area?


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GROW Hardscape & Landscape Maintenance for Our Clients

Earth, Turf, & Wood offers hardscape and landscape maintenance services for their clients.Earth, Turf, & Wood understands that our clients not only benefit from a commitment to excellence in their design and construction projects, but also from providing them expert solutions for on-going hardscape and landscape maintenance.

It’s for that reason that we provide a unique hardscape and landscape maintenance service, called “GROW”, unlike any you’ll see in our area.

We want the outdoor living areas we create to retain their original beauty and for your investment to be cared for over the years to come. We offer 2 packages and additional services to completely and proactively care for your property.


GROW Standard Landscape Maintenance Package 

We offer a comprehensive, year-long solution for landscape maintenance, lawn care and even your landscape lighting. Imagine not having to worry about the best time to perform maintenance tasks, fertilize the lawn or replace light bulbs or adjust fixtures.

Items included in the GROW Standard Landscape Maintenance Package are:

  • Deadwood removal in shrubs and trees*
  • Selective pruning of shrubs and trees*
  • Leaf, twig and branch debris removal
  • Window well debris removal
  • Weeding and pre-emergent weed control in beds
  • Cutting back perennials & ornamental grasses
  • Dead-heading certain perennials
  • Year-round inspection of plants
  • Adjusting any tree stakes and/or wires
  • Edging mulch beds
  • Fertilizing plants as needed
  • Pruning/Shearing of plants as needed
  • Premium mulch added to landscape beds
  • Five lawn care applications of fertilizer, crabgrass and weed control
  • Lawn core aeration
  • Inspection, adjustment and bulb replacement of landscape lighting

*Trees and shrubs pruned to a maintainable height using a step ladder


GROW Premium Hardscape & Landscape Maintenance Package 

For a truly worry-free experience, this hardscape and landscape maintenance package covers not only ALL of the Standard Package items, but also other great benefits. Spend your time enjoying your outdoor paradise instead of working on it!

Our hassle-free hardscape and landscape maintenance GROW Premium Package includes:

  • ALL of the services in the Standard Package PLUS
  • Grub control lawn care treatment
  • Limestone lawn care treatment
  • Weekly mowing and edging
  • Fall leaf removal
  • Container garden early winter maintenance
  • Garden hose early winter maintenance
  • Patio furniture storage


Additional Services:  (Available to GROW Premium Package Clients Only) 

We also provide these additional services to make sure you can spend time doing what you love all year, with an expert team caring for your property.

Earth, Turf, & Wood offers hardscape and landscape maintenance services for their clients.These services are offered at an additional charge:

  • Water garden maintenance
  • Irrigation system maintenance
  • Outdoor kitchen maintenance
  • Seasonal container garden planting
  • Pressure washing
  • Snow removal and ice treatments
  • Holiday lighting and decoration
  • Storm damage clean-up
  • Event setup and tear-down services
  • Vegetable/Herb/Rose garden maintenance
  • Rain gardens and water harvesting, composting
  • Pavilion/Pergola maintenance

Getting a Custom Quote for GROW Hardscape & Landscape Maintenance

Our GROW Specialist would be happy to visit your property, hear your concerns and design a customized program to fit your needs.

If you’re an Earth, Turf, & Wood client and would like to learn more about these hardscape and landscape maintenance packages in detail, please view the GROW brochure. When you’re ready for a free consultation, please contact us.


View the GROW Hardscape & Landscape Maintenance Brochure