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4 Expert Tips for the Best Paver Patio Design

Posted On: May 07,2018 By: Jarod Hynson, President

paver patios Lancaster, PAIf you’re investing in a new patio, chances are, you want something original that doesn’t look like every other patio on the block. While you might know you want something unique, you may not be sure what’s out there. That’s why you may be searching for some patio design tips that will help you to create something out-of-the-ordinary.

When it comes to customizing a patio, you want to be sure that you’re finding a pro who isn’t just giving all of their customers the “same old, same old.” By exploring a lot of different patio design ideas, you hope to bring lots of ideas to the table but also work with a professional who will have patio design examples of their own.

In order to keep those ideas flowing, here are four tips for the best paver patio design.

1. Use Mixed Materials

Some of the best patio design examples we have seen are those that use a blend of different materials. Whether it’s a variety of different paver types or even a mix of natural stone with pavers, using different materials throughout the project gives it a lot of visual interest.

pavers, bricks, walls

Texture is another way to mix and match. While your materials might resemble one another in color (as there should certainly be a “link” that ties it all together), you can have very different textures throughout the project that make it unique. Mixing natural stone with pavers is one way to get very different textures into a project in a visually appealing way.

You can also mix and match paver sizes. Instead of having every single paver cut the same, you can mix in different sizes to break up the monotonous look and add a lot of interest.


2. Consider a Unique Pattern

There are a lot of ways that you can incorporate patterns to make your patio even more unique. There are a little over a dozen common patterns used by today’s hardscapers. Utilizing the right pattern on your paver patio can give a major sense of elegance to the patio design for your Lancaster, York, or Reading, PA home.West-vinyl-pergola-patio-wall-lighting-deck-1

Some of the most popular paver patterns include:

  • Herringbone
  • Running Bond
  • Stretcher Bond
  • Diamond
  • I-Pattern
  • Random
  • Basketweave
  • Circle Pattern

You could even get incredibly personal and have your initials designed into the patio with different colored pavers. This would be a highly personalized touch that would make the patio unique to you. With one of our clients who loved Disney and all things whimsical, we did a spiral pattern that brought her a lot of enjoyment whenever she looked out at it from an upper window.


3. Incorporate Borders and “Banding”

A lot of homeowners are using pavers to create borders or banding, which also adds a lot of interest to the patio. When we talk about borders, we are typically talking in terms of defining the edge of a space. This delineates the patio from the surrounding landscape so that it doesn’t feel as though your patio just suddenly drops off.

paver patio with border

While a simple row of slightly different pavers would do the job of a border, you do not have to be confined to a single border. You could get really creative and add a double or even a triple border with different colored pavers. And you can choose to make the contrast between the border and the rest of your patio as stark (with a totally different color) or as blended (with a color that is only a shade different) as you desire.

We’ve also seen homeowners add banding across their patio—as opposed to along the edge—for an interesting motif that boosts aesthetic appeal. You might even consider a unique pattern at the center of your patio for something truly original.

natural stone and pavers

Banding and borders can be created within retaining walls and fire pits, as well. This adds some flair to your vertical structures that really makes them pop. If you have a fire pit built into your paver patio, you might consider an interesting border around it to make it stand out as the showpiece that it is.Titus-fire-pit-patver-patio-seat-wall-lighting

4. Get Creative with Color

In general, we’re seeing that lighter colored pavers are trending in the patio design examples on sites like Houzz. Even amongst our own clients, we’re getting more requests for lighter colored pavers. Light colors are always a good idea if you have a small space because they help make the space feel bigger. There’s a sense of feeling as though the area is opened up rather than feeling closed in.Hollinger-pool-patio-planting-pool-house-1

While lighter colors are a nice option, you certainly don’t have to be limited to going light. You could even mix and match contrasting colors if you wanted to get creative. As long as you have some elements that tie the whole design together, you can successfully incorporate multiple colors within the patio design. Borders and banding pose another great opportunity to add some pops of color to your space.

Finding the Best Patio Design Companies for the Job

While there are a lot of exciting patio design ideas out there, actually executing these ideas will come down to the company you choose. The truth is, your average landscaper is going to want to install the same cookie-cutter patio that they’ve done many times before. It’s what they’re comfortable doing and they might be nervous to try an idea that is outside-of-the-box.

It also requires more time and more skill to create a patio that is extraordinary (versus an ordinary one). Laying certain patterns or a unique border, for instance, takes intricacy and a level of attention to detail that many just don’t have.Kreider-pool-patio-pavilion-fire-bowl-6

If you really want to get a spectacular paver patio then you have to work with a company that will be committed to a higher level of design—not a company that just wants to get the job done quickly and moves right on to the next.


Choosing Wisely

When it comes to your extraordinary patio design at your Lancaster, York, or Reading, PA home, your choice matters. You could choose the company that isn’t committed to your patio design ideas and end up with something ordinary—or even worse, something that you didn’t want.

Or, you could choose a company that goes above and beyond in their design work, listening to your wants and needs, and maybe even adds some of their own ideas you hadn’t thought of.

By choosing the latter, you’ll get the patio that you truly always wanted and have nothing left to do but enjoy it!

If you’d like to discuss adding a paver patio to your Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Hershey, or Reading, PA home, then contact us for a free consultation and feel confident that you’ll get something extraordinary.

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Jarod Hynson, President

Written by Jarod Hynson, President

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