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Unexpected Landscape Lighting Features That Will Blow Your Mind

Posted On: April 18,2017 By: Jarod Hynson, President

Check out some new, amazing landscape lighting tech for your Reading or Lancaster, PA homeThere are a lot of companies out there that do landscape lighting. But only a select few really get into the latest trends or install products that offer highly specialized capabilities. While a basic package might be enough for some projects, outdoor living designs that have all the bells and whistles might warrant a lighting system that matches its high caliber.

If you’re looking for landscape lighting services in Reading, Lancaster, PA, or nearby areas like York or Hershey, that truly deliver a wow factor, then you probably want something more than the standard package of path lights and spotlights.

The more high tech landscape lighting gets, the more possibilities there are of what to do with it. In fact, the options are virtually endless when you begin to understand some of the design capabilities available today.


Amazing Landscape Lighting Ideas

The most amazing landscape lighting features all come back to the ability to customize. We install professional grade FX Landscape Lighting along with the FX Luminaire Luxor ZDC automated system, which allows for all kinds of specific customization. With this system, the lighting can be customized to your precise wants and needs.

Check out the video below, to learn how an automated landscape lighting system from FX Luminaire Landscape Lighting works:




Within this system, we can give each light their own identification number, allowing them to all be controlled individually. We might program some to dim or others to change colors all based on what areas you want to have lighting and what kind of lighting you desire. You control the ultimate design possibilities.

When grouping lights into zones you have three options, each getting more in-depth. You can just have lights grouped into zones with on/off control for that zone. You could also have lights grouped in zones with on/off control as well as dimming capability. And finally, you can have lights grouped into zones with on/off, dimming, and color changing capabilities.

Landscape lighting can also be programmed to run different features at different times. For instance, we can set up your system to have colors changing throughout the night to specific pre-set selections. We can also set up different programs to run for different days of the week. You might have one lighting setup that runs Sunday through Thursday but something completely different for the weekend.

Check out some new, amazing landscape lighting tech for your Reading or Lancaster, PA home

Perhaps come Friday night you want your landscape lighting to stay on longer, have varying intensities, or even have different colors based on which of your favorite sports teams is playing that weekend. It can all be automated in advance so that you don’t have to do a thing.

Your landscape lighting setup should also suit the exact needs of your unique property. For instance, if you let your dogs out in one specific wooded area of your property you might have lights on those trees that you turn on with your phone only when the dogs go out.

Or, if you watch movies on your outdoor television you might have a movie lighting setup in which the lights are perfectly pre-set for movie viewing and come on with just a push of a button as you get cozy on your couch. Or you could program this function to automatically change as soon as the television is powered on.

We also have a lot of clients that install fire features in their outdoor living area and while they sometimes want built-in lighting around the retaining wall turned on, other times they just want to see the glow of the fire. With just a push of a button on your smartphone, everything can shut off. All of these examples demonstrate how each and every job is custom designed for that property’s niches.


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Landscape Lighting as Part of Smart Home Automation

Check out some new, amazing landscape lighting tech for your Reading or Lancaster, PA homeAmongst all of the landscape lighting services in Reading or Lancaster, PA, we get asked most frequently about smart home automation. Outdoor lighting can absolutely tie into your smart home capabilities and be controlled by a phone. In fact, the FX Luxor system can be linked with Lutron, a system known for its smart home capabilities which includes wireless control over indoor lighting.

Other smart phone controls can also be added through app technology including the control of the pumps in your outdoor pond or swimming pool as well as sound control for your outdoor audio. Your entire outdoor living area can be fully automated making everything as easy as pushing a button when you want it on or off.

That includes color control as well. If you’re planning a party or a special event you can have color changing lighting pre-set to coordinate with the theme of your celebration. This high level of automation means you don’t need to be running around the morning of your party to set everything up. Push a few buttons and it’s all ready to go.

Landscape Lighting Contractors in Reading or Lancaster, PA

As you can imagine, sophisticated lighting of this caliber isn’t installed by too many landscape lighting companies in Reading Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas like York, Lebanon or Hershey. It’s also not the kind of lighting product that you can purchase from a big box store on your own. There is a high level of planning and know-how involved in both the design and the installation.

While talking about the technology might give you some ideas, there is nothing better than actually trying it for yourself. We offer a try-it-before-you-buy-it option that will actually allow you to see what your property would look like with landscape lighting as well as what kinds of options might work best for you.

Even if it’s something you’re just considering, it’s worth exploring the possibility. We often find that our clients don’t actually realize just how transformative landscape lighting can be until they actually see it on their property. WIth no obligation to try it out, it’s worth taking a look at what outdoor lighting can do for your property.

If you want to see more amazing landscape lighting features for your property in Reading, York, Hershey, Lebanon or Lancaster, PA, check out our landscape lighting ideas for inspiration. You can also schedule a free consultation or get in touch with us by calling (717) 276-9447.

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Jarod Hynson, President

Written by Jarod Hynson, President

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