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Case Study: Landscapers in Ephrata, PA Create Multi-Level Patio Perfect for Outdoor Entertainment

Posted On: April 03,2018 By: Jarod Hynson, President

Multi-level patio design Ephrata, PA Being able to spend more time outside with family and friends was a top priority for these Ephrata, PA homeowners. The existing concrete patio was too small for entertaining and our clients needed additional living space for grilling, dining, and visiting with family and friends.

They desired a fantastic space for entertaining—but needed to stay within the confines of their budget. Making some creative choices allowed them to have the space they’d dreamed of without breaking the bank.

Challenges with Landscaping in this Ephrata, PA Project

Like every project, this one presented its own set of unique challenges that had to be dealt with. In particular, the smaller size of the yard and its gradual slope posed barriers to creating an entertainment area that everyone could be a part of.

The solution came in the form of a multi-level patio that worked with the gradual slope of the property. It features a dining area, a grilling area, and a separate seating area with a fire table.Multi-level patio landscaping project Ephrata, PA

While these were three separate spaces it was important that they flowed well together so that it felt as though everyone was “together” even when they were on different levels. Because it was a linear design, this was particularly challenging.

Making the spaces feel interactive came in the thoughtful approach to design. Each level of the patio was positioned in a way that people could still see each other on a different level. The result was a feeling of togetherness, even when everyone was spread out.

Despite being a relatively tight space, it was also laid out in a way that made sense circulation-wise. For instance, if you want to walk from the upper patio to the lower patio, you aren’t uncomfortably zig-zagging around chairs. There’s a nice flow to all three levels and each space, no matter how small, functions as a room without compromising circulation.

Space was also maximized by incorporating elements that could be multi-functional. For instance, the stairs that take you from one level to the next also double as extra seating when there are a lot of guests. The retaining walls that were needed for grading also provide some excellent overflow.

A nearby screened-in porch was also added near the lower patio. We made sure that the screen-in porch also felt like part of the overall outdoor living area so that if someone were sitting in there, they didn’t feel excluded but rather felt like they were right there with everyone else.Outdoor living area landscape design Ephrata, PA

This Ephrata, PA landscaping project also created a need for a lot more furniture and accessories—items that would need to be stored in the winter. Since the previous patio didn’t have much on it, the clients never really had outdoor storage needs. That all changed with this multi-level patio.

To fulfill that need, the clients added a storage area underneath the screened-in porch. Since we were already digging out as a result of grading that lower level, it made sense to dig just a little deeper and create a storage area where the clients could keep furniture or other outdoor items you might store in a shed. The new storage space was only a minor addition to the budget that brought a big “value add” to the project.Patio and screen porch landscape design Ephrata, PA

Working With Every Budget

On every project, we have budgets that we must work with. This particular Ephrata, PA landscaping project had a relatively tight budget that we had to stick to. As a result, we were able to be creative in several ways to still meet the clients’ needs without going over budget.

One change the clients made was opting for stepping stones leading from the patio to the driveway, in place of a more-expensive walkway. We also used pavers creatively to provide some visual impact while still staying within the budget parameters. Material can significantly raise the cost of a project. But by using a paver that came in several different sizes and shapes, we were able to use it throughout the project in a way that wasn’t boring but was still quite cost-effective. In the dining area, we turned the pavers on an angle to provide a different geometric effect than the other levels.Ephrata, PA multi-level patio landscaping project

In addition, the use of a multi-level design was also a cost-effective solution. It was a much less expensive way to deal with the slope of the yard than to completely re-grade the entire space.


Finding Landscapers in Ephrata, PA

Multi-level outdoor living space Ephrata, PAWhether you have a large project or something relatively small, finding the right landscape services in Ephrata, PA is important. You want a company that will come up with creative—and cost-effective—solutions to your problems.

On this project, the average landscaper might have said the property required complete re-grading, rather than thinking outside of the box and designing a multi-level space that naturally worked with the grade.

By choosing a company that will think outside-of-the-box for your Ephrata, PA landscaping project, you should be able have creative solutions that still meet your budget. A company that has worked on a wide variety of projects of varying sizes will have ideas and solutions that others might not have thought of.

It is ultimately your wise choice in landscaping services in Ephrata, PA that will make the difference between a project that is ordinary and one that is extraordinary—even on a tight budget. While there are certainly a lot of companies offering landscaping in the area, you need to find the company that is willing to go that extra mile.

If you’d like to start a conversation about how we can bring your backyard ideas to life at your Ephrata, Reading, Lancaster, Lebanon, or Hershey, PA home, contact us for a free consultation or give us a call at (717) 276-9447.

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Jarod Hynson, President

Written by Jarod Hynson, President

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