Resort-7.jpgReflecting back on the last 15 years of growth, we’ve really transformed as a landscaping company. When I first came on board five years into the company’s existence, we were a total grounds care company, mowing grass and doing smaller hardscape projects.

As the sizes of our projects continued to expand, we began to acquire people with backgrounds in construction, masonry, and  natural stone installation to meet this need.  As we continued to grow, we decided to concentrate on what we were passionate about, and outdoor living environments became our focus. This led us to eliminate grounds maintenance from our services.  About ten years into the company, we took the big step of bringing a registered landscape architect (Mary Dresser) on board.  We look back and wonder how we survived without one for so long, as it makes meeting the needs of our clients so much easier.

We’ve transitioned to three crews, making sure we are keeping our focus on excellent customer service and the exceptional quality of our work.  With this infrastructure, we are able to continue to create larger and more complex jobs.  These jobs include outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, pergolas, pavilions, multiple level patios, pools, and much more.

We consider ourselves to be the area leaders in creating outdoor living environments.  We tell our customers we are taking the inside of the house and moving it outside for their enjoyment.  Because of the increased complexity of these outdoor environments, we choose to handle all of the project management ourselves and have control when sub-contractors, if needed, appear on-site.  This minimizes stress for the client, knowing that the project will run smoothly and they will not have to worry about coordinating things.

With all that is involved with coordination of projects and crews, I have moved into the office to alleviate the workload of Jarod and Mary so they can focus on their responsibilities. We still remain a company with three crews, which strives to make the experience exceed the expectations of the client. I look forward to helping make your experience with Earth, Turf, & Wood a fulfilling and rewarding one.


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Art Nafziger, Operations Manager

Written by Art Nafziger, Operations Manager

Art has worked for ETW since 2005. He has an Associates Degree in Design Drafting, which is a great asset in reading plans and managing unexpected challenges that come up during projects. He enjoys working in his yard and spending time in the outdoors. He also enjoys spending time with his family, having individual time alone with each one of them on his Tuesday night date nights. He resides in New Holland, with his wife and three children.