How Custom Home Builders in Lancaster PA and Landscape Designers Work Together for a Dream Come True

Imagine planning your gorgeous custom dream home and finding out later that it is spectacular in every way except one—the outdoor area. It would feel like a major letdown. Whether it’s a boring and not-so-functional patio or landscaping hillside areas for getting the most use out of the land, outdoor areas have the ability to really burst your dream bubble if it doesn’t fit the look and function of the rest of the space.

Unfortunately, it happens more than you’d realize.

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Using Landscape Steps and Walkways to Connect Patios, Pools, Entrances and More

When you own a property, you want to be able to use the outdoor living spaces to their fullest. The last thing you want is for them to be difficult to traverse. But that’s exactly what can happen if you have steep slopes in your yard.

In some cases, these grade transitions can be dealt with by a professional analyzing the grade of the site and creating a landscape design that gradually transitions elevations from one area to another with sloped mulch beds, lawn areas, or even paver stone ramps (especially helpful for aging homeowners). However, there are some properties that will require a different approach.

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Picturesque Pergolas: Design Tips and Best Pergola Builders in Reading and Lancaster, PA

A pergola is an attractive way to enhance the quality of your outdoor living space. There’s something romantic and elegant about a pergola that other structures simply don’t offer. A pergola can make your outdoor space unique—plus, it serves some important functions, as well.

While you may think you want to add a pergola to your outdoor living space, what you may not sure of is the best way to go about doing it. If you add a pergola, you want to ultimately end up with something picturesque and perfect, but you don’t want to have to do a ton of research on your own to get there. If you choose to add a pergola, you want to find a company that understands how to design and build it in a way that takes the guesswork out of the process for you.

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Hot Tubs or a Hot Mess? Incorporating a Spa into Your Landscape Design

Your home is the place you go to escape the busyness of life. After a hard week, you’d love to just go in your backyard, close your eyes and let the stresses melt away. Ahh...

The idea of soaking in warm, bubbling water after a long day or even gathering with your family or friends on the weekend may lead you to start thinking about adding a hot tub in your backyard. However, you may worry that choosing the wrong solution or company to do the work, may result in your relaxing spa turning into an additional source of stress, an ugly backyard.

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How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool? Expert Insights to Meet the Timeline

You’ve been thinking about a pool for a long time and have finally made the decision to have it built. It will be a great way to encourage the kids to spend more time at home this summer, to entertain family or friends, or even just to cool off after a long day. And it will be so much more enjoyable dining al fresco now that you can dine pool-side.

As you begin the process of thinking about it, you want to know how long does it take to build a pool. You may have decided that you simply don’t want to go another summer without a pool. That’s why you want to know when you should start the planning process in order for it to be ready-to-go come swim season.

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Case Study: York, PA Landscaping & Pool Design Masterpiece

When tackling a project as important as a backyard renovation complete with a new pool, you want to work with the best company for the job. It’s a big investment and a space that you plan to enjoy for many years to come. Knowing that your decision in hiring a contractor will impact all of this, you should be determined to choose wisely.

Of course, the most typical pattern of thought when having a pool built is to hire a pool company. It sounds logical, after all. There are some amazing pool builders in York, PA and surrounding areas like Lancaster, Reading, and Hershey. But the truth is that we’ve seen some pool companies fail to think of some of the pool design essentials that would make your space truly complete.

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Exceptional vs. Typical:  Landscape Design in Lancaster, York, Hershey, and Reading, PA

Imagine stepping outside in your dream backyard—the yard that you’ve been thinking about for quite some time. Your favorite colors are reflected in the plant material.

That idea for a unique water feature is in just the right spot where you can enjoy the sound of the water while reading a book on the nearby bench. And your patio was designed in a way that it’s not only gorgeous, but it’s extremely functional and you aren’t quite sure how you ever lived without it.

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