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Outdoor Kitchens

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Outdoor kitchens keep the cook in the fun

Tired of running back and forth between your inside kitchen and the grill, being so busy trying to pull a meal together that you miss visiting with your guests? No more! Outdoor kitchens have become sophisticated centers of culinary creation where you can cook and still be in the middle of the fun.

Options abound to suit your entertaining style

One of the hottest options in outdoor living, the outdoor kitchen can be customized to make the space uniquely yours, including:
  • Built-in grills ranging from 24-48"
  • Counter space for food prep
  • Countertops: Natural stone (slate, granite, etc.), composite (i.e. Corian) or custom-poured and finished concrete
  • Built-in fridge, mini or standard size
  • Raised bar counters and cocktail prep areas
  • Complete A/V setups (TV, Speakers, Wireless, etc.)
  • LED and line voltage lighting
  • Pergola or Pavilion
  • Pizza oven
  • Smoker
  • Built-in storage for kitchen accessories, pool towels, etc.